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A comprehensive marketing strategy & website design-build package to postion your business for success in the post-pandemic world.

If you’re the owner or manager of a small to medium-sized businesses in Hawai’i, you’re probably concerned about the long-term impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

There’s no question it’s going to have a lasting effect.  What this means for most local businesses is that it’s going to get more and more difficult to compete in the marketplace without a professional-level online presence.  Actually, this trend was already well underway—the pandemic just sped up the timeline.

Do you need a website?

NO.  What you really need is a brand that people will notice and remember, paired with a digital home base that effectively converts those people into paying customers. 

To do that takes a lot more than JUST a website.

Alright… yes, you probably need a site.  If you’re reading this, chances are that you don’t have one yet or maybe you realize that the old clunker you’ve had since the late 90s might not cut it for much longer…  

Many companies are just weathering the storm right now, hoping to get through this and back to normal business soon.  But, the truth is that business will NEVER be the same again.  So, how do you attract more customers, multiply revenue and become one of those business that will emerge as a top competitor in the post-pandemic, digital Hawai’i? 

Here’s how:

We’re offering 4 critical marketing services in a single package, all for the price you would otherwise pay for just a website!

This is so much more than just a website!

This level of service in these marketing specialties is generally reserved for big businesses with communications departments and big budgets.  Here’s how and why we’re able to do this…

Some examples of our web development & branding work:

Here’s the Topline View of What You Get…

  • You’ll have the highly satisfying knowledge that you have a solid brand that people recognize and an optimally-functioning website that’s consistently turning those people into customers.  Customers will find you easier and remember you more!

  • If your business is in the early days, you’ll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that many businesses make and go right to the end of the process.  If your business has been around for a while, you’ll get a fresh, new start.

  • You’ll come out of COVID with a blueprint for reaching the most valuable leads and a tool that converts those leads into paying customers.  Because our websites are purpose-built, you’ll also have a solid plan for what’s needed moving forward.

  • The strong brand you build now is going to make your marketing vastly more effective in the future.  That means it’s going to get easier and cheaper to acquire new customers and retain your existing customers.

Owners: Seeing your website on the top page of Google is something you definitely want to experience.

Managers: imagine if you’re the one who made it happen!  People will be asking you how you did this. P.S.: It’s ok with us if you want to take all the credit yourself. 😉

3 things set this offer apart from all others:

Full Branding Package with Style Guide


Just how much is your customer's perception worth to your business?

All the various elements of your brand say things about you... and your customers are listening. There are tons of definitions out there about what a "brand" is—but just about all of them pretty much boil down to perception.

Branding is the look and feel of your company to the outside world. It is the collective set of colors, emblems, icons, words and sounds that identify you. A strong brand instantly connects the observer to the company, triggering recall of advertising, advice from acquaintances and one’s own personal interactions with the company.

Our branding process digs deep to assemble the right combination of 6 principle elements:

  1. logo
  2. colors
  3. typography (fonts)
  4. archetype
  5. messaging
  6. imagery

It’s been our experience that even well-established brands are often missing several of these key elements.  Even if you already have a solid brand in-place, there’s probably quite a bit of fine-tuning to be done.  If you’re just getting started or just haven’t ever done much branding work, this will give you a comprehensive guide for how to maintain a consistent, cohesive brand as your business grows.

You’ll be getting a level of service usually reserved for big companies with big marketing budgets.

Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.

Built-in Search Engine Optimization


Most new websites won't start to rank on Google for 2 YEARS or more!

> According to most of the top SEO firms, a new website using professional SEO techniques will take 3-6 months to rank on Google.
> The average top-10 ranked website on Google is more than 2 YEARS OLD.
> Your average, DIY site may NEVER rank highly on Google.

Most web developers treat SEO as an afterthought (if they consider it at all).  Our approach is different. 

We build websites using a ground-up integration of Search Engine Optimization as a planning tool.  Before we ever start copywriting your site, we’ll do a deep search and keyword analysis of your industry and competitors to decide what content should even be there.  We’re looking for HIGH volume, LOW competition keywords that people are already interested in and looking for… and your competitors aren’t providing.  Once we start building content, every page will be SE0-tuned to be fast and search engine friendly.

Once the world finally gets moving again, your competitors are going to be diligently WORKING to drive YOUR customers to THEIR website. 

SOLID SEO PUTS YOU ahead of the pack.

Sales and Marketing Funnel


The Funnel is the Blueprint for your Marketing

Your potential customers are in different mental “places” depending on where they are in their buying process. The same messaging and tactics won’t work with all of them, all the time.

A Marketing/Sales Funnel is the combination of web pages, emails and other elements of your marketing strategy that are positioned along your avatar (ideal customer) journey.

We’ll work with you to develop, integrate and visualize the constituent elements of your marketing strategy.  Your working funnel will show the interconnectivity of the traffic sources, web pages, email flows, offline events and all the other ways you’ll use to get your message to your avatar.  This will serve as a planning tool for your website at first.  Later on, the funnel can be used as the roadmap for your entire marketing plan.

If you don’t know where you're going, you’ll end up someplace else.

Those are 3 HUGE things that set this offer apart!

BUT there’s 1 more thing… VALUE!

You can easily spend a lot more for a website that’s going to do a  lot less for your business.

The price tag for these combined services can easily rise above $10,000.  For larger companies, add another 0 to that number.

We realize these are tough, uncertain times.  We’re doing this because we want you to rise above the competition… and we want to be able to say we had a hand in your success. 😉  This product package is as inexpensive as we could possibly make it while maintaining our requisite level of quality.


take the money you save on your website & put it into advertising your business online.

Here’s the Bottom Line

We will completely define your brand, using a scientific approach that goes way beyond a logo and some colors. 

Before we ever start constructing your website, we’ll audit your existing site (if you have one) to find out what’s working now and what’s not.  We’ll also do a keyword analysis to find out what subjects you’ve got the best chance to rank for on search engines.  Armed with that lucrative information, we’ll map out the journey people will take on the road to becoming your customers.

Finally, we’ll build you a website that doesn’t just look nice but is also designed from the ground up to PERFORM at a higher level than any cookie-cutter, discount site you can buy.  AND, It will cost far less than a custom site that will look slick but won’t do anything more to advance your business than that cheap site would. 

Our approach is methodical.  It’s designed to provide you with the solid foundation that you’ll need to drive your organization successfully out of the pandemic years.  Since we work with some of the largest brands in the islands, we know what it’s going to take down the line and we’re going to make sure you’re equipped.

You get all of this for only


If you’ve already done some shopping around, you’re probably not reading this anymore because you’re already scrolling down to find the click here button.  That’s because you already realize what an incredible value this offer is.

If you're still thinking about it, here's a breakdown of the bonuses you're getting:

Bonus #1: Brand Style Guide
Every website we've ever created has involved some form of branding or rebranding. What we're offering here is the NEXT LEVEL, a document that completely defines your brand.

You'll get a crash course in the science of color, the art of typography, the complex simplicity of a well-designed logo & an investigation into the psychology of your ideal customer.

VALUE = $3,000
Bonus #2: SEO Keyword Analysis
Most websites are filled with incredibly general copy, using highly competitive keywords.

We dig a lot deeper! This analysis peels back the layers to focus your web content on specific topics that web users have already demonstrated interest in. It's all about finding the HIGH SEARCH VOLUME/LOW COMPETITION keywords that will drive natural, organic traffic to your website.

VALUE = $675
Bonus #3: Sales & Marketing Funnel
This is the blueprint for your marketing strategy. We'll help you to optimally present your products/servicees, determine the goals for what you want people to do on your website and map out the digital journey that users will take to become your customers. Your website will be built from this blueprint so that we never lose sight of what's most important to your business while we're creating your content.

VALUE = $1,000
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Do some quick math and you’ll see that just these bonuses have a total value of more than $4,500

…and that’s before you ever start thinking about a website.

That means you’re getting a brand new website for less than $1,500.  Value? Yes…

So What’s The Catch?

Here’s the thing: this is a fully-customized service.  We don’t cut corners with templates, boilerplate copy and guesswork.  That means we can only accept a limited number of applications.

This offer won’t be available for long.

BUT, if you’re reading this, it’s still on the table!  To accept, simply click the button below and fill out a short (~10 minute) questionnaire to get things rolling.


The HI Vizibility Marketing Team

P.S.: If you have any burning questions, feel free to give us a call at 808-687-1431.  Or, just go ahead and fill out the questionnaire and we’ll call you!

Ready to give your business a COVID vaccine?