University Health Partners of Hawaii an Integrated Campaign for BRAND AWARENESS​

University Health Partners of Hawaii (UHP) is a large, Hawaii-based healthcare organization with deep ties to the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM).   In October of 2018, UHP opened a new location in Hilo.   This was a large step for the organization and they wanted to do everything possible to ensure a successful opening.

The Plan

There were 3 main areas of focus for the marketing campaign:

  1. To celebrate the retirement of the outgoing doctor
  2. To introduce the incoming UHP doctor
  3. To introduce the UHP organization to the Hilo community


The following is an example of an integrated campaign with consistent branding.  Newspaper advertisements, press releases, invitations, program, name tags, slide presentation, signage and other marketing materials associated with the location opening and a private luncheon event (attended by the Hawaii County Mayor, dean of JABSOM and other notable community leaders) were carefully and consistently branded.

In addition to the traditional/print campaign, the effort was supported by a Google search campaign to introduce UHP to the online market.  Later, this effort was reinforced with Google display ads, Google My Business (Google Maps/Local SEO) and a new website.  Check it out at

The Numbers

The result of the effort: In the 3 months following the successful and well-attended luncheon, the new doctor’s annual exam appointments were scheduled 1 month in advance, teen patients increased to more than 20 per day and a December report noted that the new doc had 21 new patients, more than double the largest UHP clinic on Oahu.

In short, the clinic hit the ground running!

As for the digital ads, they now account for more than 90% of website traffic.

Since Then

We’ve worked with UHP to design and build a new website, with evergreen and promotional digital advertising on Google (search and display).  Brand awareness promotions have also included signage and print ads as well as radio and television spots.  We also assist the organization with print collateral, ongoing market research, public relations, presentations and content creation for blog articles, newsletters, social media posts, print advertorials and various other marketing efforts.

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