$1 Cookie Promotion building followership

The Cookie Corner Facebook page launched in June 2017 with Instagram following 1 month later. Both platforms achieved early successes, with steady increases in follower-ship. In September of 2017, we ran a promotion offering $1 cookies for any customer who could show that they were following Cookie Corner on Facebook or Instagram.  With the exception of a few boosted posts, this was an entirely organic campaign (meaning it did not include paid social media advertising).

cookie $1 promotion


Over the course of the 2 week campaign, Cookie Corner reached over 62,000 current or potential customers within the targeted demographic utilizing consistent messaging on a variety of digital platforms & devices.  At the peak of performance, our partners gained over 6,500 additional followers on Facebook and 9,815 on Instagram.  Since then, followership has increased above 10,000 on Facebook and nearly 15,000 on Instagram.


Facebook followers increased from 585 to 7,245 = 1,138% (12X) INCREASE

Instagram followers increased from 193 to 10,008 5,085% (52X) INCREASE

So what's been going on lately?

Since that initial promotion, we’ve maintained a consistent, branded presence on both social platforms.  The Cookie Corner has continued to grow and thrive, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, a time when Hawaii lost many retail sales businesses, especially food service.

Facebook 11,600 followers*

Instagram 18,400 followers*

*As of May, 2021

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