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Webcrawlers are robots (programs) that systematically browse the web.  Their job is to index webpages so that search engines are able to match all those pages to search terms that users have entered.  The search engines then apply an algorithm to determine which of the many options provides the user with the best answer to their question.  

The Main Thing

Search is about only 1 thing: answering people’s questions.

Search engines will show your page to a searcher if you provide the best answer to their question.  Google establishes the quality of your page (and website) against competitors using the 3 pillars of E.A.T.

“Expertise” Do you have great content that people want to read?

“Authoritativeness”  Are other sites citing your content as a valuable source of info?

“Trustworthiness”  Do you have good reviews?

Your Money or Your Life!

Your E.A.T. is even more important when it comes to pages and sites that deal with “happiness, health, or wealth”.  This content includes various medical health, safety and financial info.  We have several healthcare clients so we can say firsthand that Google takes this seriously.

What’s Your Score?

Domain Authority (DA) is primarily a measure of the amount and quality of other websites that link to your site.  One of the ways to gauge your Domain Authority is with a handy-dandy tool from Moz that will give you a score on a 100-point, logarithmic scale.  New websites always start with a 1.0 but the “logarithmic” part means it’s easier to boost your score from 1 to 10 than it is to go from 90 to 100.  Interpreting whether your score is “good” or “bad” is a bit more nuanced.  DA serves as an indicator of how you measure up against competitors so this can be highly industry-specific.

moz da bar

Let's Get Specific

There’s no substitute for having quality content on your website.  This is always our primary focus.  However, as you may know by now, we’re big into research and we like to have a feel for how that content is likely to perform.

We prefer content containing keywords that are LOW COMPETITION and HIGH SEARCH VOLUME to find what content will actually be of interest to people out there and that we stand a chance of ranking for. 

Many websites put out copy that is incredibly general.  The problem is that all those general keywords are very competitive.  If you run a medical clinic, you might have a tough time ranking for the keyword “medicine” on Google.  You’ll be competing with everybody who has anything to do with medicine (high competition).  Conversely, you’ll usually want to rank for your own business name but, unless you’re already widely known, there probably aren’t going to be many people googling it (low search volume).

One last thing: if content is King, then having a well-oiled machine is Queen.  You want your site to be fast, optimally set up for search engines and easy for users to find all that great content.  The way to do that is through regular website maintenance, such as keeping plugins, PHP and wordpress updated as well as removing unnecessary plugins.  Additionally, there are a multitude of on-page SEO tactics such as entering meta tags and alt-text (descriptors that help both users and search engines understand the info on your page) that will help boost your website’s ranking on the search engines.

When people type a question into a search engine that relates to your business, we want you to show up at the very top of the list.

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