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Google has put out that nearly half of online searches have local intent. That means they’re ready to buy now and don’t want to go far to get it.

When people type a service related to your business into a search engine, you want to show up at the very top of the list. On Google, which accounts for >80% of web searches, the My Business listings get the absolute top billing.

SEO is all about increasing a website’s visibility to search engines and improving the site’s ranking compared to other sites that come up in the same search results. Local SEO is about getting in front of people who have demonstrated that they are in the final stages of the customer journey.

They do this by including certain phrases in search terms such as “near me” or by including a geographical area. Or, they might go straight to a local listing like Yelp, Google Maps, Bing Maps, Apple Maps, etc.

Below is a look at a local search result on Google for “coffee near me”. The section in red is the revered “3-pack”, which shows the top 3 nearest Google My Business listings. No ads popped up for this search, which was a big missed opportunity for windward coffee shops because they’re the only content that appears above the 3-pack:

We can help you claim and verify your Google My Business, Bing Places, Yelp, Tripadvisor and other, local listings. We’ll also integrate these listings and track their performance in your marketing funnel.

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