Marketing is the Wonder in your Bread Genie in the Bottle Classic in your Cola Devil in the Details Fruit in your Loops Spin in your Dreidel

Marketing is the Wonder in your Bread Genie in the Bottle Classic in your Cola Devil in the Details Fruit in your Loops Spin in your Dreidel

Branding Basics

Brand Archetype & Main Messaging Cult Of Personality

Main Messaging refers to the general way you speak about your organization, describe your products or services and communicate with customers. Before we start writing copy for our clients, we need to define a few things:

Brand Core

Purpose/Mission: Why are you here?

Vision: What does the future look like?

Values: What are your guiding principles?

Brand Voice

Personality/Tone: adjectives that describe the organization.

Value Proposition/Promise: what can you deliver to your your customers that others can’t?

Tagline/Slogan (optional): a short, catchy phrase that sums it all up.

  • Magician

  • Jester

  • Hero

  • Rebel

  • Explorer

  • Sage

Jungian archetypes are universal, instinctual, pre-programmed human associations of symbols and images with behavior that “derive from the collective unconscious”, as first proposed by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung in 1919. According to Jung, “Archetypes are images and themes which have universal meanings across cultures which may show up in dreams, literature, art or religion.”

In modern marketing, the concept is widely used as a method of defining/identifying the personality of a brand (feminine vs. masculine, playfulness vs. seriousness, etc.) and aligning that personality to the brand’s ideal customers (avatar). This exercise will determine, to a large extent, the direction for your future marketing. There are 12 generally accepted archetypes. Common names, along with basic description and example brands effectively using that archetype are shown below.

Note: these colors are appropriate to the associated archetypes but are not all-inclusive of the variety of colors that might be used.

a color wheel with different words on it.

Your archetype serves as the foundation for how you speak to customers.

  • Hero or Sage?
  • Ruler or Rebel?
  • Innocent or Lover?

Our branding process (typically undertaken as part of a branding or rebranding project) involves research, analysis and refining to determine your brand core, personality, voice and archetypeWe will help you decide on the most appropriate archetype to represent your organization and use that as a basis to develop your main messaging. Your brand style guide will include a detailed explanation.

The archetype is just one piece of the branding pie. We take just as much care when developing all the rest of the audio-visual elements that define how customers will perceive your business.

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